Publications and Presentations


Shock Heating of Directly Transmitted Ions
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Spatially Resolved RGS Analysis of Kepler’s Supernova Remnant
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The Post-impact Evolution of the X-ray Emitting Gas in SNR 1987A as Viewed by XMM-Newton
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Shock Mach Number Estimates Using Incomplete Measurements
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Collisionless Shocks in the Heliosphere: Foot Width Revisited
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Probabilities of Ion Scattering at the Shock Front
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Theory Helps Observations: Determination of the Shock Mach Number and Scales From Magnetic Measurements
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Quasi-parallel shock reformation seen by Magnetospheric Multiscale and ion-kinetic simulations
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The Forward and Reverse Shock Dynamics of Cassiopeia A
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Analysis of multiscale structures at the quasi-perpendicular Venus bow shock – Results from Solar Orbiter’s first Venus flyby
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Implications of weak rippling of the shock ramp on the pattern of the electromagnetic field and ion distributions
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Additional Evidence for a Pulsar Wind Nebula in the Heart of SN 1987A from Multiepoch X-Ray Data and MHD Modeling
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Bulk Properties of Pickup Ions Derived from the Ulysses Solar Wind Ion Composition Spectrometer Data
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A database of MMS bow shock crossings compiled using machine learning
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Different heating of Maxwellian and kappa distributions at shocks
Gedalin, M. (SHARP) and Ganushkina, N. (SHARP) (2022), Journal of Plasma Physics, 88(5), doi: 10.1017/S0022377822000824


An MMS bow shock database using machine learning: EU H2020 SHARP project (PDF)
Andrew Dimmock (SHARP), Virtual GEM 2021 Summer workshop, Focus group “Particle Heating and Thermalization in Collisionless Shocks in the MMS Era”, July 2021

LMC N132D: a mature supernova remnant with a youthful gamma-ray spectrum (Presentation)
Jacco Vink (SHARP), International Cosmic Ray Conference, Berlin (online), July 20, 2021

An MMS bow shock database using machine learning (PDF)
Ahmad Lalti (SHARP), MMS working group, September 2021

Modeling Solar Wind Interaction with the Local Interstellar Medium using Kinetically-Derived Rankine-Hugoniot Conditions for Pickup Ions (Abstract)
N. Pogorelov, M. Gedalin (SHARP), V. S. Roytershteyn, R. K. Bera, F. Fraternale, W. P. Smith, M. Zhang, Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Plasma Physics, November 8–12, 2021, Pittsburgh, PA

Cosmic-ray acceleration by supernova remnant shocks & the peculiar case of Cas A’s reverse shock
Jacco Vink (SHARP), Colloquium Nanjing University, November 25, 2021

X-ray spectroscopy of supernova remnants: past highlights and prospects for the future
Jacco Vink (SHARP), Japanese-Netherlands X-ray spectroscopy workshop, December 15, 2021