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Shock database

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For more information about the database, such as the sources of all the raw data and the methods used to develop this database, please see the technical report by Lalti et al., 2022 (submitted to JGR: space physics).
If you have further questions, suggestions, or comments on the database, please feel free to contact Ahmad Lalti: ahmadl at or Andrew Dimmock: andrew.dimmock at .
For questions, suggestions, bug reports and other comments on this webpage, please contact Max van de Kamp: at .

Shock database selection

Build your shock database.
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To limit and specialise your database, select any spacecraft or mission, and/or adjust any parameter range, before clicking 'Submit'.
If 'Include missing values' for a certain parameter is unchecked, shocks where the corresponding parameter value is missing will not be included.
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Data mode:

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Adjust one or more parameter ranges:
(The pre-filled default values correspond to the lowest and highest values in the current database.)

Lower limitUpper limit
Date / time range
ΔR Separation between observations of same
km km
MA Shock Alfvén Mach number
Mf Shock fast mode Mach number
θBn Angle between the shock normal and upstream
magnetic field
deg deg
|Vus| Plasma velocity magnitude upstream of the shock km/s km/s
|Bus| Magnetic field magnitude upstream of the shock nT nT
Ni,us Ion density upstream of the shock cm-3 cm-3
Ti,us Ion temperature upstream of the shock eV eV
βus Ion plasma beta upstream of the shock
Pus Dynamic pressure upstream of the shock nPa nPa
RcB Magnetic compression ratio |Bds|/|Bus|
Rcn Ion density compression ratio Ni,ds/Ni,us
RcT Electron temperature compression ratio Te,ds/Te,us
TQF Tetrahedron quality factor

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