Warning: this site is currently under construction and does not contain real data! You can download the latest version of the database from zenodo: https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.6343989

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(Cluster observations cover the period 27 Jan 2003 - 16 Dec 2012)

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Lower limitUpper limit
Date / time range
Separation between observations of same constellation km km
Vus Plasma velocity magnitude upstream of the shock km/s km/s
Bus Magnetic field magnitude upstream of the shock nT nT
nus Ion density upstream of the shock cm-3 cm-3
θbn Angle between the shock normal and upstream magnetic field deg deg
RcB Magnetic compression ratio |Bds|/|Bus|
Rcn Density compression ratio nds/nus
Ros Magnetic field overshoot (Bm - Bds)/Bds
MA Shock Alfvén Mach number
Mms Shock magnetosonic Mach number
Vsh Shock front speed km/s km/s
Lf Spatial length of the shock foot km km
Lr Spatial scale of the shock ramp km km
Los Spatial scale of the overshoot km km

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