New Publication: “Non-specular ion reflection at quasiperpendicular collisionless shock front” by Prachi Sharma and Michael Gedalin

The structure of a collisionless shock affects ion motion in the shock front and is affected by the formed ion distribution. In high-Mach-number shocks, a significant fraction of incident ions are reflected by the macroscopic electric and magnetic fields in the shock front. Ions are non-specularly reflected by the combined electric deceleration and magnetic deflection. Here, a first analytical description of the non-specular reflection is presented. The contribution of the increasing magnetic field is evaluated and shown to enhance reflection. The distribution of non-specularly reflected ions ahead of the ramp is calculated and their velocities at the re-entry to the shock are found numerically. Dependence on the angle between the shock normal and the upstream magnetic field vector is illustrated.

Normalized 1-D reduced distribution function f(x,vx) for non-specularly reflected ions only with M=5, s=0.5, β=0.5 and θBn=65∘; (a) A=0.75, (b) A=0.375. Ions which have positive vx, return to the shock and cross it again.

Full Article:
Sharma, P. (SHARP) and Gedalin, M. (SHARP) (2023). Non-specular ion reflection at quasiperpendicular collisionless shock front. Journal of Plasma Physics, 89(5), doi: 10.1017/S002237782300096X

License: CC BY 4.0